Monthly Round-Up: June 2017

Andrew: June has been a slow month for the Baron. I’ve been on holiday, mercifully free from the Internet and from current UK politics, parboiling in the sort of heat that rarely visits the North-East of England. 35 degrees?? What’s wrong with you, France?? And with holidays out of the way, the rest of the month has been full of studying; assignment deadlines are, if not looming, then certainly lurking just beyond the horizon. As a result, the blog hasn’t been updated since last month’s update. We’ll try to keep reviews and features coming when we can, but at the moment we have other priorities that need our attention. Please bear with us.Read More »

Review: Love Letter

Political intrigue is afoot in the fantasy world of Tempest. The king has imprisoned the queen for treason, the princess has locked herself away in her grief and in her tower (metaphorically and literally, respectively) and the empire is having a not-so-great time. Into these turbulent times come 2-4 opportunistic suitors who, in order to ease the princess’s suffering (for which read “seduce the princess in her moment of weakness”), are all vying to get their love letters into the hands of the palace’s most influential denizens.Read More »