Monthly Round-Up

Monthly Round-Up: May 2017

Here at Shady Baron, we’re still fairly new at this board gaming stuff. In fact, one of the reasons we started this site was to share with people the joys of board gaming that we’re only just discovering for ourselves.

We’re starting a new monthly feature, not to keep you up-to-date with all the trends and releases in gaming, but to keep you up-to-date with our own journey. We want to share with you the games we’ve been playing and discovering: games we might not have the time to review or don’t think are worthy of reviews; maybe even games we think it’s worth being on your radar until such time as we can get a full review out. Continue reading “Monthly Round-Up: May 2017”


Let’s Play: Jones and Cat Tower

Here’s Mr Jones making a guest appearance during a recent game of Cat Tower. Unfortunately, like our experience with Colt Express, he doesn’t really get the rules. If anything, Jones seems to think that the purpose of Cat Tower is to storm in like some feline Godzilla, wreaking destruction and havoc wherever you go. Still, at least somebody had fun. Continue reading “Let’s Play: Jones and Cat Tower”


Review: Cat Tower

As a cat lover there’s nothing I enjoy better than stacking my 42 cats. Sometimes I stack them in a really tall tower, which is good. Sometimes they fall over, and then you just have cats all over the place. Sometimes I stack some of the cats upside down, just because I want to. Some of my cats are really fat and lazy, and stacking them leads to all manner of unforeseen consequences. But as every cat lover knows, cats are notoriously resistant to being stacked, which makes cat stacking a difficult and time-consuming exercise.

Fortunately, I can now indulge my love of cat stacking with IDW’s Cat Tower. Continue reading “Review: Cat Tower”


Let’s Play: Jones and Colt Express (Bonus Interview)

Following yesterday’s Let’s Play of Colt Express, here’s some bonus footage of Jones talking about why he loves the game so much. He also takes time to give us his thoughts on board games in general, his philosophy on life and a host of other things.

Continue reading “Let’s Play: Jones and Colt Express (Bonus Interview)”


Let’s Play: Jones and Colt Express

Colt Express is Mr Jones’s favourite game. Forget that he doesn’t know the rules. Forget that he doesn’t even care about the rules. Colt Express has bright-coloured meeples just waiting to be pawed around the table — they’re practically asking for it. So sit back and enjoy Shady Baron’s Colt Express ‘playthrough’.
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Review: Colt Express

Do you remember that scene in The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, when Clint Eastwood hops a train and starts stealing loot from the passengers? And then Lee van Cleef punches him in the face and Clint flies into another carriage where a marshall is waiting; and the marshall shoots Clint, so Clint escapes out the window and onto the roof. But then he forgets what he was doing so he climbs back into the carriage and gets shot by the marshall again, so Clint has to climb back out the window and back onto the roof. And then he pulls out his gun to shoot somebody except there’s nobody there so he puts his gun away. But then Eli Wallach climbs out of the carriage and punches Clint so hard that Clint flies onto the roof of the next carriage and drops the loot he was carrying.

You remember that, right?
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Board Game Mechanics: The Space Alert Screensaver

Board game mechanics is a series which looks at some of the innovative mechanics in modern board games. These are simple rules which add unexpected dimensions to games, which elevate games and turns them into something special. They’re rules which cause you to wonder at the mind behind them. They’re usually simple and elegant and thematic and evocative. Often they’re very funny.

This week, Board Game Mechanics looks at the Space Alert screen saver. Welcome to the future: it’s rubbish. Continue reading “Board Game Mechanics: The Space Alert Screensaver”


Review: Ticket to Ride

John Lennon said that the ticket of Ticket to Ride was actually a card that granted 1960s Hamburg prostitutes a clean bill of health. Thankfully, Alan R. Moon’s board game, which shares a name with the Beatles song, takes Paul McCartney’s more literal interpretation as its inspiration. In other words, it’s definitely about trains. And thank goodness: Ticket to Ride is supposed to be a family game. Continue reading “Review: Ticket to Ride”


Review: Skull

Once upon a time, the story goes, biker gangs elected new leaders by stringing candidates to the backs of motorbikes and seeing who could hold on longest. But more liberal-minded biker gangs thought that stringing people to the backs of motorbikes was maybe a bit draconian. So they created Skulls & Roses, the humane and less-chafing alternative to biker gang leadership elections. Plus, you could drink while playing. Today, Skulls & Roses is called Skull, and it comes packaged in a small, portable, rectangular box with colourful cards. But it’s still the same game.

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